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SLIXIR Hand and nail cream for a longer lasting manicure. SLIXIR™ Results. We asked 83 women to show us their polish without SLIXIR™ then repaint their nails and apply SLIXIR™ twice daily. Here's what happened. 86% of women found to SLIXIR™ be effective.  86% of women would recommend SLIXIR™ to a friend. 77% of women felt the difference after 3 days or less. 76 % of women said that their nails still looked great a week later when using SLIXIR™ 'Very effective at maintaining a manicure and keeping the strength in my nails' - Amanda, London. 'A thick beautifully fragranced luxurious cream. I loved how it prolonged my colour and made my hands softer' - Zoe, Sheffield 'Helps keep not only my skin soft but also protects my manicure. My nails have never looked healthier' - Dawn, Derby 'Really a great cream, extremely nourishing for the skin and delays polish from chipping' - Karen, Bristol 'I had to hide it from my colleagues!!' - Helen, Cheshire  'One single application shows good results for all day' - Vy, London 'Works really well on soothing cuticles and made the buff shine on my nails last longer - Jaime, Middlesex 'My hands have never looked younger' - Deborah, Coventry 'Loved the cream! I want some more!!' - Emily, West Yorkshire.  *Results based on an independent consumer usage study of 83 women conducted by Ayton Global Research.

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