Three Tube SLIXIR Hand & Polish Cream Kit


This pro package contains three full size (75ml) tubes of SLIXIR Hand & Polish Cream and has a retail value of £44.85. Send your clients home with a combined hand cream and cuticle oil in one tube. 

3 x 75ml tubes of SLIXIR™ Hand & Polish Cream 

£25.95 + VAT (Individual RRP £14.95, Total Retail Value £44.85)

Compatible with all nail systems (e.g. gel polish, acrylic enhancements and traditional polish), SLIXIR™ is a luxurious anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory daily use hand cream which is designed specifically for nail polish wearers. 

Formulated with skin penetrating jojoba and avocado oils, plus soothing colloidal oats and restorative copper active this luxurious daily use hand cream keeps nail polish, hands and cuticles looking their best for longer. 

Feel beneficial effects after 3 days or less. 

  • Keeps nail polish supple; supple nail polish is less likely to chip. 
  • Anti-ageing, improves skin tone and texture.
  • Helps soothe and heal inflamed hands and cuticles.  
  • Forms a light yet protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.
  • Perfect re-hab for nails after polish removal. 
  • Very fast absorbing. 
  • Resists light hand washing. 
  • Calming and balancing fragrance. 

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