Facts to Change Your Manicure

Posted on April 02 2019

As Helen Gilmore, Founder of SLIXIR® Hand & Polish Cream sat listening to yet another client tell her that she needed a break from nail polish she became more and frustrated. How has this myth gained so much traction?

Nails are made of dead keratin, they don’t breathe or require oxygen to thrive and the only thing damaging about gel polish is poor removal. Believe it or not, a good application of nail polish will maintain the delicate water balance of the nail and seal in vital moisture.

These are basic nail chemistry and anatomy facts that really do help to make the most of any nail care routine and yet so few women are aware of them. With this in mind Helen decided to write the basics down in a booklet ‘Facts to Change Your Manicure Forever’. Click below to read the booklet.



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