Uplifting Stories of Customer Kindness

Posted on June 22 2020


We asked salon pros what their customers have done to show support during Covid19 - the response was met with some lovely stories to share!⁣⁣

This week marks the start of the high street opening up and with things slowly back on track, our beloved salons will soon follow suit alongside pubs and restaurants.⁣⁣
We wanted to keep the theme for this month's email light-hearted, with communities coming together and acts of kindness seen globally in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and BLM protests - the idea that out of the worst times we can see the kind-heartedness and love within ourselves and for each other is extremely important to remember.⁣⁣

Even though it may not feel like it sometimes, good people exist in the world and acts of selflessness take place all the time.⁣⁣⁣
We want to bring this closer to home and showcase some amazing acts of kindness shown from customers to salon pros and see what they are doing to help them during this difficult time.⁣⁣⁣
@beauty_by_b - Bethany Grace’s story⁣⁣

“My clients have been fantastic throughout the pandemic. Right from the moment I announced I had to close the business on the 23rd March, they were so supportive and understanding. I have remained very active on my social media platforms throughout the last 11 weeks and my clients have constantly engaged and supported my content. It’s been the perfect way to keep in touch.⁣⁣

My clients have become friends over the years I have known them so I have been posting a mix of personal posts and stories about what my family and I have been doing, business updates and my plans regarding reopening as well as new nail content that I have been experimenting with on my own nails and the odd motivational quote.⁣⁣
When the lockdown was lifted slightly recently a few of my clients have surprised me with a knock at the door to say a socially distanced hello and I have received some very unexpected and truly appreciated gifts that ranged from a kit to make a felted flamingo for my studio to freshly baked bread, books, chocolate and flowers.⁣⁣
I think everyone in the industry has had dark days over the last three months and these little acts of random kindness have made me realise more than ever how much my clients value myself as their therapist. I’ve actually never felt more driven to progress, improve and build my business and that is purely down to the support and kindness I receive from my clients, after all, without them, it would not exist.⁣⁣
Finally in regards to monetary value, my clients and friends/ family of my clients have continued to purchase gift vouchers online for treatments once the studio can reopen. On reflection writing this right now I know I am very lucky to have all of the wonderful ladies I can call my clients and friends. They’ve been an amazing support!” ⁣⁣
@nailsetcjanie - Janie Hodder’s story⁣⁣
“I’ve been closed since the end of February due to Covid (I live on the Isle of Skye) I might not open till the end of July due to different restrictions in Scotland. My clients have been messaging not to ask when I’ll be opening again but to see how I am doing, if I was okay and that they are looking forward to seeing me when I feel it’s safe to open, so that gives me hope that my lovely clients will come back to me once its safe to do so, means my business won’t fail!”⁣⁣
@nailsbymets - Metta Francis' story⁣⁣
“A lot of clients have purchased at home retail items ~ including Slixir! ~ to help maintain their hands/feet at nails at home and also to help generate income during this time when I can’t visit them!”⁣⁣
It’s lovely to hear these stories and we hope they lifted your spirits as much as ours.


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