Posted on September 08 2016

SLIXIR Hand and nail cream for a longer lasting manicure.

It's a given thing that we all want our manicure to stay looking freshly applied. On Day 1 our polish, hands and cuticles are shiny, supple and groomed. Nothing compares to the feeling of just manicured nails. 

The fact is that no matter which kind of polish we choose, be it lamp cured gel polish, traditional polish or anywhere in between, chances are that even a 14 day manicure will not look as great by Day 14 as it did on Day 1! Dry cuticles, wear on the tips of our nails, unsightly chips or flakes all start to make their appearance sooner or later. 

There is an art to keeping the perfect manicure looking perfect and it's all in the maintenance. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Perfect Manicure Perfect: 

  1. If you apply polish at home make sure there are no flakes on the surface of your nail plate, these will lift off soon after you have polished and leave horrible chips in your polish. Instead you can very lightly buff the flake only with a nail buffer rather than a nail file. Be gentle. 
  2. Try to avoid alcohol based hand sanitisers and opt for hand washing instead. The alcohol can cause your polish to become brittle. 
  3. Get into the habit of using something else for doing the fiddly jobs that you would normally use your nails for. A key works great on a soft drinks can and a ruler slides stubborn prices labels straight off. Never use your nails! 
  4. Choose a bold colour and show it off! The more pride you take in your polish, the less likely you are to mistreat it. 
  5. Minimise chips or flakes in polish by keeping it supple. Massage SLIXIR® Hand & Polish Cream into your nail polish twice a day. Do the same for your hands and cuticles to prevent unsightly and uncomfortable dryness. 

Wishing you More Perfect Polish Days! xx





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