#StayHomeManicure - Nail Trends To Try At Home

Posted on April 26 2020

As we enter week 5 of lockdown, it can start to seem like there is no light out of this dark tunnel. 

We know it's hard not being able to go about life as normal, especially going to the salon and getting that self-love in there with a new manicure.

So here at Slixir HQ we've got a couple of designs for you to try at home with easy to follow guides including what tools you need to complete the looks!

'Easter Eggs' 

Image by @sophiastylianou

We can't get enough of pastels, this simple print uses a selection of colours with the addition of white polka dots. To complete this look, get yourself a selection of pastel shades for each nail, a white polish for your dots & a dotting tool.

Place the white polish on some tin foil and gently dab your dotting tool into it and then apply slowly to the top of your coloured, dry nail.

'Royal Navy & Blue Steel' 

Image by @njmnailstylist

Combine your favourite colour in different hues to create this popular ombre design, there's nothing quite like a pop of colour to lift the spirits.

To complete this look make sure you have the 3 different shades of a colour of your choice. This one has a few more steps so we've included this super hand video to show you how it's done!

Always remember to finish off your manicure with an application of Slixir. Keeping your cuticles soft, your hands nourished and your mani last longer, it's a no brainer - click here to shop!

We hope you enjoy trying these designs, as always our emails are open as are our Instagram DM's - do get in touch with us!


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