Posted on November 17 2016

We can all remember a time when, after booking in at a salon for what we expect to be a treat and something to look forward to, we finally arrive only to be greeted by a scruffy or dirty environment, rude or ill-informed staff or simply a long, inconvenient wait. Here’s how to avoid it ever happening again! 

This week, make a point of observing everyone’s nails.

Recommendation is always a girl’s best friend. By that I don’t mean online stars or Trustpilot reviews, I mean asking real people! Who do you know locally who has great nails, they will no doubt have a line into a great salon or mobile nail technician. In our experience people love sharing stories about the great service that they have received or showing off a beautiful manicure.

It’s all about the brand.

When you ring to make your appointment be sure to ask which brand the salon uses and which one they will use on you. If the answer is confident and quick, using one certain brand that is a great sign. It means the salon staff are very likely to be well educated and passionate about the service they provide. Look the brand up online before the appointment and find out a bit more yourself, to make sure you are happy.

You get what you pay for.

This saying will always hold true and none more so than in a salon environment. Go online and look at pricelists locally, if you are quoted a very low price you should look elsewhere. A quality manicure is an investment worth making; it will give you satisfaction for long after you have walked out the door and chances are it will be the start of a beautiful relationship between you and your nail technician. 

Don’t forget to look after that beautiful manicure. Keep it looking salon fresh with a twice daily application of SLIXIR™ Hand & Polish Cream. Find out how Slixir™ works.

Wishing you more great polish days! xx


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