Posted on December 07 2017

SLIXIR Hand and nail cream for a longer lasting manicure.

In Winter it all comes down to hydration, i.e. the water content in the outer layer of our skin and nails. When optimum moisture levels are compromised both hands and nails begin to look and feel uncomfortable. For great looking and feeling skin on the hands, a water level of between 10-15% is perfect, and for nails we would look for between 7-18%. If we can understand what causes seasonal water loss in the first place we can prevent it. Each one of our tips below identifies an unexpected cause of winter hand and nail dehydration and a solution. Let’s get to it!

Aggressive Car Heaters

The Problem - If you are a driver the biggest enemy to hand health in the winter is the aggressive artificial heat of your car heater. It blows dry heat for the duration of your commute directly onto your hands and nails.

The Solution - Invest in some fabulous driving gloves (leather will provide the best environmental protection) and before getting into your car, stop to apply hand cream and then put on the gloves. The heat from your car heater will help the cream to penetrate the top layer of your skin as your gloves protect the skin underneath. SLIXIR™ Hand & Polish Cream contains a jojoba oil which penetrates the top layer of the skin and boost the waterproofing effects of natural human sebum.

The Nail Polish Myth

The Problem – Often we assume that nail polish is the enemy when it comes to avoiding brittle or cracked nails in the cold winter weather. Nothing could be further than the truth.

The Solution - Water loss is of course responsible for brittle or cracked nails in most cases but by far the best way to conserve moisture in the natural nail is to apply a good quality nail polish and maintain it properly. Nail polish forms a protective barrier which traps water in. SLIXIR™ Hand & Polish Cream contains a plant oil mix which will enhance these barrier properties even further. It penetrates the microscopic pores in all polish (including gels) and prevents even more evaporation.

The Wrong Hand Cream

The Problem - Many of us continue to use the same hand cream year-round but changes in seasons also demand changes in skincare. Biting winds cause water to evaporate from the top layer of the skin, which means winter is a good time to swap out your usual hand cream for a sophisticated barrier cream which will help prevent evaporation, but will not cause the skin to suffocate.

The Solution - Choose a cream with a balm like texture which will have the immediate benefit of staying put for longer, and look for a product which contains plant based barrier ingredients such as colloidal oats rather than petroleum oils. Colloidal oats form an excellent breathable layer on the skin which has a silky feel and is not tacky or greasy. SLIXIR™ Hand & Polish Cream ticks both of these boxes.

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