Nail Pros Give Slixir Their Top Tips on Salon Hygiene

Posted on March 11 2020


Hello and welcome to our first blog post of 2020! We’ve been super busy at Slixir HQ having a think about what topic we could discuss this month with our lovely readers and decided on something that we think is very important, especially at this moment in time and very relatable to us all salon hygiene.

We have asked some of our pros to give us their top tips on salon hygiene and what they do to take care of their clients.

Kate from @katedearnbeauty talks about fresh nail files, “I use single-use nail files and send them home with the client after treatment. So if they get any unfortunate chips or breaks they can sort them out with the nail file that’s buried in the bottom of their bag.”

She says that the files are actually okay to be reused once sanitized but clients do appreciate this thought and care, especially at the moment  “...clients always comment ‘nowhere else I’ve been giving me the nail file’ so I’ve always just stuck with it...” great tips Kate, thank you for passing on your experience! 

Next, we have Nicky from @nickyhausnails swears by plenty of tools for the job, “Invest in multiple sets of tools. I have enough sets so that each client throughout the day has their own set. I have these sanitised and in their own disinfectant jars…” 

Nicky also discusses the importance of standard hygiene practices, “I do all the other things like hand sanitiser, fresh towels and paper roll for each client, disinfecting my station in between clients etc..” 

She says however it’s the personal touches that clients remember the most, “’s the fresh set of tools that my clients remember most and comment on.” 

Finally, we spoke to Niki @niki_j_nails who told Slixir about the importance of wiping, “Hygiene is always important to me, but for obvious reasons even more so at the moment. Before a client, I start by wiping my desk lamp, desk, armrest and client chair with an antimicrobial disinfectant for equipment and surfaces…”

She tells us that she ensures the paper towel beneath her clients is replaced for each treatment and makes sure her tools get the disinfectant solution treatment and her files get sprayed with file and tool disinfectant

She finishes off by talking about hand sanitizer (so THAT’S where it’s all gone…) “...Hand sanitiser is used on my clients before their treatment, I wear disposable gloves, tissues are on hand for any sneezing and a lidded pedal bin for disposing of anything that needs disposing of!” Thanks for your insight Niki!

So what can you do when visiting your salon to make sure that your nail pros and their clean and calm salons are also protected? 

  • Follow the current advice on handwashing and wash your hands before entering the salon.
  • Stay away if you feel unwell (make sure you give adequate notice where possible).
  • Above all, relax, keep calm and enjoy your nail service!

Lastly, frequent hand washing does take its toll on skin and nails. Make sure that hands are thoroughly moisturised after washing with a maintenance application of SLIXIR.


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