Posted on July 03 2017

Safe gel polish removal. How to get it right. SLIXIR Hand and nail cream for a longer lasting manicure.

Let’s be clear about one thing. We would never recommend removing gel polish at home, it is always best to go back to the salon where it was applied but sometimes it just can’t be avoided so here’s how to do it safely. 

  1. Safe removal starts with correct application. Go to a good salon who will tell you exactly which brand they have applied.
  1. Ask these vital questions whilst having your manicure done
  • Is the gel polish that you have applied soakable or non-soak? This is hugely important; trying to remove a non-soak gel cannot be done at home and needs specialist attention.
  • How long should removal take? Gel nail coatings can take anywhere between two and twenty minutes to remove.
  • Do I need to buff the top shine off the polish or can I go directly into removal? Some brands require buffing and some do not.
  • Can I buy a removal kit from you? A removal kit that is sold by the salon will be designed to work with your particular brand of polish.
  1. If you can’t buy a removal kit, acetone, cotton wool pads and foil will also work. Cut ten pieces of foil to roughly 8x8cm, soak the cotton wool pad, place on the nail and wrap in the foil. Do one hand at a time. Soak for the recommended time.
  1. Squeeze one foil off at a time, pushing the rest of the polish off immediately with an orange wood stick.
  1. File and shape the nail and apply SLIXIR™ to nourish the nail and treat any dry patches.


Speed up the chemical reaction by slipping a plastic glove over the foiled hand or wrapping it in a towel.

Never leave the foil on for longer than recommended as the acetone can evaporate, meaning that the gel will re-harden.

Use SLIXIR™ twice daily to make polish removal easier and keep nail plates smooth underneath.

Coming up in our next post – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOAK AND NON-SOAK GELS, keep checking back or follow us for an alert.

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